Church’s Activities


Observing social distancing while hearing Confession

Staying Connected and Praying together in this time of Crisis

Staying connected in this time that there is CRE and Mass


Family Rosary Challenge

Guys Night Out with Fr. Ingalls and Fr. Masters at St. Ignatius Catholic Church, Mobile.

Parent’s Night Out

Altar Servers Training

Autumn Bowden, Co-Chair Capital Campaign present the Capital Campaign Updates. St. John now is at 217% above the goal.

Bill Schaffer, Pastoral Council Chairman

Mr. Schaffer presents the 5yr plan for the Church.


St. John’s Donor Appreciation Dinner

Deacon Bill teaches the  Confirmandi

ACYC Retreat ( Landon, Jonathan, Rebecca, Cameron participating the Retreat at Corpus Christi, Mobile)


Have a blessed and enjoyable 4th of July


Homecoming Mass


Closing of Vacation Bible School


4th Day Vacation Bible School


3rd Day of Vacation Bible School

2nd Day of Vacation Bible School

Start of  Vacation Bible School. Thanks to the volunteers!

Wyatt and Kailey during their First Communion. Congratulations!

Rebecca receiving a plague of recognition from John McBride, Deputy Knight for winning the First Place painting contest

RCIA Candidates baptized and Confirmed during Easter Vigil.

Welcome to the Catholic Faith. New members of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.

Hospital Visitation


Youth and Children’s Mass for the Month of April


Speaker of Lenten Mission 2019: Fr. Chris Boutin

Lenten Activities 2019




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Christmas Caroling during the Children’s Mass last December 24, 2018

Golden Group

Golden Group spearheaded the parish outreach activity in Haiti. Thanks also for the Altar sodality who shouldered the shipment cost.

Advent Retreat: Speaker, Rev. William Saucier

Advent Retreat

Children and Youth “All Saints Day” activity is posted in Catholic Week


Children and Youth of Saint John’s decorated the tables and act as servers during the dinner thanksgiving after Sunday Mass! Thank you for coming!


Golden Group Monthly Luncheon


Spaghetti Dinner after Sunday Mass

Christmas Bazaar at St. John’s

Golden Group preparing the gifts to our less fortunate brothers and sisters in Haiti. These boxes will be sent to the Missionaries of the Poor in Haiti, they particularly take care of the abandoned physically and mentally challenged children.

Thank you for your generosity!


All Saints Day

Weekday Mass at the Parish Chapel

We gather together in prayer.

Adoration, Rosary, Morning Prayer and Mass

Sacrament of Confirmation administered by Monsignor Farmer, Vicar General and Fellowship

Congratulations James and Donny! Be Sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit!

The Confirmandi, altar servers, sponsors, Msgr Farmer, Pastor and the Deacon.

Deacon Bill administering the Sacrament of Baptism after Sunday Mass

Welcome to the Christian World

Catholic Week

Parish Men’s Retreat and Fellowship

Speaker: Rev. R.V. Baylon S.J.

Homebound Mass



Pastor’s Kick

Children’s Mass

Pro- Life Rosary this October

Pro-Life Rosary

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